What I learned being suspended 250 ft in the air

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2019

I'm terrified of heights! I cannot tell you how many times I've made that statement based on the truth of it. The massive anxiety that overwhelms my entire body when I'm in a situation that calls for the classics of “fear of height” situation (too many to share)  A very clear “oh hell no!” Overrides my body and mind.

I'll never jump out of an airplane, a perfectly good one, that is.

I won't stand at the very edge of a cliff.

And I most certainly will not get willingly, on a ride that is called the Tower of Doom. (See photo).


Or so I thought.


On Sunday my husband and I went to a theme park and when I looked at this Tower of Doom, I thought to myself, I think I want to try that. The thought alone shocked me because it's so ”not me.” This ride put you in in adult car seat with dangling feet and all, and ratchets you up 250 ft up in the air with the breeze to feel against your skin and a view one would get safe from the top floor of a grand hotel room. Then it drops so fast that you float in air for a few seconds. So you feel every aspect of falling. Not the ride, for people afraid of heights. But here I was now standing in line for it. I was highly aware of the body sensation I had and was surprised the mild level of excitement that had no anxiety mixed with it. Then, as we are ratcheting up this Tower, I was shocked by how far you can see over Denver and the surrounding cities from that high up. What I did notice is that I consciously took some deep breaths. I also let out some noise, not a scream a bit more of a excited Sigh, just to release some energy. Then it dropped- and I “fell”. It all happened so fast that you really feel the effects once you're on the ground and the effect it had on me, was laughter. It was exhilarating and fun. I wanted to ride it again.

I was shocked at myself. And my husband was shocked as my response as well. What I recognized pretty significantly was I am not the same person I used to be. I practice what I preach. I am always focused on becoming the woman my life and business needs me to be. I now have an amazing relationship with money, the universe, words, the space, time, all of the 12 core energetic relationships (well 11, the body relationship- I'm still working on)

I have changed my operating system into one that truly serves the me of today. And I find this fascinating that the effects ripple over into areas I had no idea about, such as fear of heights. But it makes perfect sense, as I thought and felt into it more. Who I was when I was 250 ft up in the air was a person who was completely present to the moment. I was not in my head or in my past experiences. I was present to the moment. And it was magical!

What I know for sure, is that whatever comes after the statement “I am” can be changed. It's movable. And my passion for my life and my impact while I'm here is choosing that with intention.

And cheers to all the ways you are becoming the person your life and business needs you to be.


Your legacy, bank account and your Business- will thank you for you it.

Michelle Vos


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