7 different “energies” and #metoo

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2019

7 different “energies” that will help you NOW!

I am offering some interesting and relatable information to those of you who are paying attention to the Sh*t show that is going on.

This month in our Be365 Mastery program we are working with the Core Energetic Relationship with the Feminine. (Can you say Divine Timing? Yes! …And last year during the CER with the Feminine month was when the #metoo movement took hold)

Anyway… during this recognition of “all things injustice” I invite you to reconnect to some things that can support you, and support what you want to DO about it.

This is something that I am having my Be365 Mastery Program clients do, and I wanted to share it with my community during these times of Awakening the Sleeping Dragon (yes, that is how I feel about what is going on and I am looking at MORE ways to empower us all into action and not just FB feed sharing!)

I invite you to BE WITH which one or two Feminine Archetypes that would most benefit you and your life or Business right now (this month) Because when we awaken a core energy and stay focused on that energy we are more productive and are less scattered and overwhelmed.


Be open, curious and trust your first instinct.

Ask yourself- What is the main Archetype that would most benefit me this month?

Here is a list of 7:

1-The Lover: sexuality, attraction, receiving, magnetism, connection
2- The Madden: the princess, innocence, playful, care free
3-The Mother:  giver, nurturer, selfless
4-The Queen: ruler, leader, oversees for the benefit of all including oneself, authority
5-The Huntress: warrior, advocate energy
6-The Sage: crone, grounded wisdom, high priestess
7-The Mystic: enchantress, magic, wild, free, creative


After you have chosen your main archetype, I invite you to BE with this energy. See HOW it want to show up. What does it want to say?  And how will it support you?

With that said…

Keep awakening ALL the parts of the Feminine energy (yes you are all 7! )

And if you are interested in learning more about all we do in the Be365 Mastery Program..Let’s Talk!!!

Until next time,



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