There seem to be 2 “types” of people

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There seem to be 2 “types” of people

First- when I say “types”, I am referring to a way of being, or operating. And It’s time to get Honest- not a time to judge yourself, but a time to get very real about which “camp” your in, which “type” of person your being...and whether or not you choose (yes it is a choice that you are making single every day) to stay in that camp or not.

..and YES...this is being VERY don’t get your panties in a bunch, just feel into this and see what might be true for you.


Type #1 (camp #1)

This “way of being” or operating system”, looks a bit like this:

  • Address issues when they get bad enough to cause some kind of emotional, mental or physical pain. Then you face it head on and go after it with force and determination to fix the problem.
  • You have a high tolerance for stress, yet will reach a “breaking point” (overwhelm, burnout, an emotional meltdown) ….you cope or get help...only to repeat this cycle in other areas of life or maintain for a bit and repeat it in the same area of life.
  • You will spend money to fix problems but won’t spend money to invest in yourself if there isn't an urgent need.
  • You do make steps to improve (reading books, listen to a podcast, maybe attend an event) yet, the major issues in your life or career haven't really changed much.
  • You get massages, work out, take salt baths and/or read books and consider that “self care”.

What’s happening with this Type #1?

Possible Core beliefs/ thoughts:  

  1. My “self improvement” is a luxury, not a “need”
  2. I'm not worthy of time and attention if I don't have a big problem to solve
  3. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”
  4. There is always something that “demands” my attention, I don't have the bandwidth for things that are working “just fine or OK enough”.
  5. “You have to have a break-down in order to have a break-thru”


Type #1- is Operating in Masculine Energy!

And unless your fully identified with Masculine energy (MOST women are NOT) you will be stressed, overwhelmed, and heading for full 1 or many areas of life!

And you will never really feel like you have enough...time, money, peace…..(fill in the blank). Welcome to life on the hamster wheel.

Truth- What you DESIRE is MORE flow, grace, ease and presence as you DO and Move thru all aspects of your life: Parenting, Romantic Relationships, Leadership in your Career, or building and running a Business. What you desire is to live in “camp #2”


Type #2 (camp #2)

This “way of being” or operating system” and core Beliefs, look a bit like this:

  • You don’t escape the issues and problems that arise in life (what I call- Spiritual bypassing) but you don’t feel derailed when they arise.
  • You move thru your life with grace and presence, doing what needs to be done yet from a different mindset and belief about life in general- You TRUST your life.
  • You put your money in alignment with your core beliefs, which includes being a lifelong student and in your personal development and growth.
  • You know the importance of doing personal growth work without the “I need to be fixed because something is broken” energy behind your motivation.
  • Even if something “needs fixing” you recognize that once it is “fixed” there needs to be a sustainability factor in order for the issue not to arise again.
  • You actively choose HOW you show up in your life.
  • You feel grounded, secure, vital, authenticity expressed and joyful in the way you show up.
  • You KNOW that “life happens” but it is HOW you respond to that, is what makes a life worth living.


Type #2- is Operating in Feminine Energy!

I don’t know that I need to keep going here….you get it. And if your in my community and have been following me...then you really GET IT.


So I am asking you to tell the truth.

( I am going to get up on my soap box and kick you in the butt here )

“The truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off”

If your in Camp #1...You have some feeling (not thinking) to do. WHAT I am asking of you is to be very honest and empowered! Stop living like you don't have a choice! I mean it….enough of that!

If you want to stay in camp #1 then stay. And stop wanting something different to happen. (be empowered and not a victim to your camp)


If you want to move into camp #2 then do something different. Stop saying you will “do something” then never do (until it gets bad enough) If you want off the hamster wheel then get off!

...OK...I am fired up...WHY? Because I am tired of seeing really amazing women (and men) self sabotage on many levels and end up ….with issues like Adrenal fatigue due to a constant state of stress, depression, massive mood swings because they ‘reach their boiling point” then lash out at the ones they love most, eating disorders, end up divorced when it could have been a happy and fulfilling relationship...or stuck in a job that is sucking the living soul out of them….just to name a few. AND...they don’t get to LIVE the life that deep down they KNOW is POSSIBLE! (this is what really breaks my heart, because this is a SOUL thing.)

I know I’ve gotten a bit edgy here...and I hope I made an impact. (and if your mad at me- GOOD- because that means you have the potential for inspired action!)

If you feel a resonance to me and my work, then maybe I'm the one to support you in getting and staying in Camp #2...Let’s find out...reach out on the Connect page…  

I am committed to MY personal growth ...and my Career, my Marriage (you can ask him), my friendships and my Bank Account have ALL benefited tenfold!  I am who I am today...not because I only deal with the “problems” is because I have made the conscious choice to change HOW I move thru my life….I can say with great pride- every year of my life and business gets better! And I want that for you as well. But you have to want it for you!


Reach out on the Connect page - lets talk


Until next time…



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