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The power you seek has been within all along, my dear. It's time to GET Real!      

If you want all that you say you want...then Stop following the "shoulds" (in Life and in Business) and start following your "knowing"!


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Align and Achieve Your Vision

What would be possible for you if you stepped fully into your divine inspired potential? Can you feel that? Yes? Here is the deal-le-o...If you want to achieve your greatest vision you must become the person that can reach, sustain, and fulfill that vision. Over the many years of working with High Vibe-ing Women, I have learned that it is NOT your shinny brand, networking skills, or FB lives that truly get you where you want to go. it is YOU, the authentic expression and divine co-creation that creates REAL fulfillment (on all levels)! This is why a co-created (with source) the Visibility Process Map, to support my clients (and myself) to stay aligned AS they focus on how and why they are showing up the way they are (Vibrationally, Verbally, Visually). 

Embody & Communicate Your Value

Have you ever thought that you might have a “worthiness issue” or that you may need help receiving abundance? Or do you experience fear or lack confidence in sales conversations or asking for a raise? You’re not alone! There is a reason that I coach around owning our value and then communicating that value to ideal clients: it is a huge issue most people face when they are "aligning to their truth". Lots of past crap about who you believe you are comes up and gets in the way, big time! I have been there, too! I was stressed out and working my butt off and not making more than $24,000 a year. I began to do the inner and outer work (the same things I will teach you) and within 18 months, I hit the 6-figure mark. I changed HOW I showed up and began to embody my innate worth. And you can, too! Imagine a life where you make great money through aligned actions. Oh hell yeah....more of that please!

Amplify & Embrace Your Visibility

Ahhhh…being seen and heard is all what we deeply desire…until that shit gets real. Then we want to hide, shrink, play nice, and find all kinds of other things to focus on instead of moving through our fear of being big, bold, visible, and wildly fulfilled. It seems like everyone wants to be authentically visible - the next Oprah - yet they don’t want to feel all the uncomfortable feelings that it takes to BEcome the next Oprah. Answering your soul's message and building a thriving business is not for sissies. It takes courage to LIVE the truth of YOU. And deep down, you know, that if you aim to make a positive impact and have a bank account that represents your heart and souls fulfillment, then you need to BE a person who people want to follow, work with, and be inspired by….so you need to up your Authentic Visibility.

What does it really take to do your life and business your way?

It takes “becoming” the next version - an even truer version - of yourself. The self that attracts ideal clients, power partners and speaking gigs by following your intuition. The self that can handle the level of Visibility and attention (positive and negative) that being a true Influencer and Change-Maker requires. The self that is so aligned with their Soul's Vision that they move through all the noise, to-do lists, and everything else that comes with being a business owner...with such grace that it blows Michelle Obama away. Yeah, that version of YOU! The person you have been will not get you to the next level of success and positive impact. WE MUST grow personally if we are to grow professionally. But you KNOW this already, don’t you? That's why you landed on my page!

The heART of Visibility training:

In this training I will walk you through the 4 crucial and surprising components needed to Up-Level your Authentic Visibility and to stop hiding and start influencing your ideal clients, your team and/or your audience...all from a place of total integrity, alignment and grace.

You will leave with greater confidence in your ability to have the positive impact you want, permission to let your freak flag fly, and knowing what YOU need to do next.

What this is NOT: This is not a social media training, or a Toastmasters (say this or that) kind of thing, and you will not be given a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, step-by-step formula.

You WILL BE taught, a unique interactive model to understand the complex inner workings of a powerful influencer! You will be able to communicate  your value and create raving fans that will pay you with enthusiasm because your content and message creates powerful change. This is for Leaders, Influencers, Speakers, and Personality Brands (and if you are the face of your business, here's a hint: YOU are a personality brand).

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Michelle Vos in a nutshell

Michelle Vos is the “Visibility Shaman” who incorporates Deep Inner Work, Strategy and Humor to awaken the truth of who you are, so you can be seen and heard in the way you want, in Life and in Business.

Don’t be shocked if she drops the F-bomb on occasion while guiding women into BEcoming who their life and business is calling them to BE. She works with self-aware Entrepreneurial Women and Leaders, all of whom are Major Influencers, by teaching a unique set of practices that support them within the personal and business components of Vision, Value and Visibility.

Her clients learn to operate from their brilliance, own their worth, show up and communicate the truth of who they are, so they can make the money and positive impact they want. She provides Business and Visibility Strategy with spiritual energetic principles for a process that is powerful, sustainable, effective and very unique!

Michelle teaches and facilitates groups with the Be365 body of work. She is the creator of the Heart of Visibility Alignment Process, a Professional Certified Coach, an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, a Spiritual Guide, Trainer, and Professional Speaker, all while running a highly profitable business with grace.


More about Michelle

Raving Fans

Here are what people are saying about Michelle Vos and her work.

I solve issues for 2 main “types” of women. Can you see yourself in one of these?

The Creative Social Introvert

What I know about you:

  1. You love being with people and need recoup time after doing so. You get a lot done when you're aligned to the Divine and feel overwhelmed when you are disconnected.
  2. You're empathetic and “feel” your way through things, while remaining very strategic and grounded. You’re a “bridge” between the worlds.
  3. Because you have always been empathetic, you grew up taking on other people’s energies and have integrated it as your own, so emotional overwhelm is a common issue. You may have often been shamed and judged for being “too _____" (fill in the blank).
  4. You experience the push/pull of wanting to do more: social media, giving talks, becoming a keynote speaker, writing a book, starting a podcast, making videos, stepping fully into leadership, or just BEING MORE Visible overall within your own brand. When you try to take action, however, you come up against self-doubt, insecurities, and comparison, which ultimately causes you to self-sabotage in very clever ways.


The Heart Centered Do-er

What I know about you:

  1. You love to serve others, but you struggle with time management and life balance - and when these are left unaddressed, you have a tendency to burn out. You are so busy creating a life you want to live that you don't get to reap the benefits from all your hard work, as there is always something that needs DOING.
  2. You desire more support, more true down time, and more quality time with the ones you love most. You want PEACE within your heart and mind! 
  3. Love and acceptance came to you from what you DID and not from WHO you were. This is a deep wound that keeps the train on the fast-moving track of “accomplishment”.
  4. You already have so many demands and expectations on your plate, so becoming even more Visible creates fear that you do not have the bandwidth to support that exposure.



BOTH “types” of women are so brilliant and off-the-charts amazing! I have worked with these two profiles for MANY years, and therefore, I have focused my business and personal development services to address the issues they encounter.

If your brilliant self is going to move past your old operating systems, step fully into the TRUTH of you, own and communicate your innate Value, align with your soul's Vision, and (once and for all) BEcome the person your life and business (soul) has been calling you to BE…well, you’re going to have to do some things differently.

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