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Isn't it time to start manifesting the most Aligned, Abundant, and Brilliant version of you, your life, and your business. (don't you agree?) And I know it can be scary to step into this level of unknown power. But that's where I come in....I gotch you girl!


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Align and Achieve Your Vision

What would be possible for you if you stepped fully into your divine inspired potential? Can you feel that? Yes? Here is the deal-le-o...If you want to achieve your greatest and most fulfilling vision you must become the person that can reach, sustain, and fulfill that vision. Over the many years of working with High Vibe-ing Women, I have learned that it is NOT your shinny brand, networking skills, or FB lives that truly get you where you want to go. It is YOU, the authentic expression and divine co-creation that creates REAL fulfillment (on all levels)! 

Communicate & Embody Your Value

Have you ever thought that you might have a “worthiness issue” or that you may need help receiving abundance? Or do you experience fear or lack confidence in sales conversations or taking time off? You’re not alone, it is a huge issue most people face when they are "aligning to their truth". And I want you to Imagine your life making great money through aligned actions. Oh hell yeah...more of that please, am I right? And let me tell you, it is easier that you are making it out to be. I "got you girl". I will support you to BE fully expressed and to embody the abundance you are.

Amplify & Embrace Your Visibility

Being seen and heard is all what we deeply desire…until that shit gets real. Then we want to hide, shrink, play nice, and find all kinds of other things to focus on instead of moving through our fear of being big, bold, visible, and wildly fulfilled.  Answering your soul's calling and building a thriving business is not for sissies. It takes courage to BE SEEN. And deep down, you know that if you aim to make a positive impact and have a bank account that represents your heart and souls fulfillment, then you need to BE a person who people want to follow, work with, and be inspired by.

Think about this!
What would be possible for you, your overall life and your business…
  • ...if you were FULLY tapped into your greatest source of FUEL?
  • ...if you FULLY expressed yourself with Confidence and Ease?
  • …if you FULLY trusted yourself to create YOUR business YOUR way?
  • ...if you FULLY accepted you could make MORE money doing LESS?

The Brand Embodiment & Authentic Visibility Path:

 We are in an evolution of business that requires leaders to prioritize authenticity, our vision and values over traditional formulaic thinking or business models.  Those of you who “get this” are on the leading edge, and as we KNOW from history, it is the thought LEADERS who make the greatest impact, and the most money. But it takes courage to STEP UP and STEP OUT with the fullness of our expression. This course is your first step!

In this training I will walk you through the 8 crucial and surprising components needed to Up-Level your Authentic Visibility and personal Brand so you can stop hiding and start influencing your ideal clients, your team and/or your audience...all from a place of total integrity, alignment and grace.

You will leave with greater confidence in your ability to have the positive impact you want, permission to let your freak flag fly, and knowing what YOU need to do next.

What this is NOT: This is not a social media training, or a Toastmasters (say this or that) kind of thing, and you will not be given a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, step-by-step formula.

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Michelle Vos in a nutshell

Michelle combines Deep Inner Work, Energetic Principles and Business Strategy to awaken the truth of who you are, so you can have the Positive Influence you want. She helps entrepreneurial leaders align & achieve their Vision, embody & communicate their Value, embrace & amplify their Visibility, so they can attract the income and next level success without burnout or overwhelm.

Her clients learn to operate from their brilliance, own their worth, show up and communicate the truth of who they are, so they can make the money and positive impact they want. She provides Business and Visibility Strategy with spiritual energetic principles for a process that is powerful, sustainable, effective and very unique!

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At the end of the day...It's time to ACTIVATE who your life and business is calling you BE...so you can have the Freedom, Fulfillment, and Abundance your SOUL came here to experience.

 I would love to support you in this! Let's have a chat.
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