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All My Programs Are Designed For:

Women Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Influencers and Personality Brands (those who are the face of their business). Is this you?

My Tribe of women are self-aware enough to have confidence and authenticity - and also self-aware enough to know they can’t see their blind spots. Or, as a client of mine likes to say, “You can't read the label from inside the bottle." We all need support, guidance, and feedback at different times in our life, and they know that. They know that if they want to increase their success in Business, Career and Life, they must do the personal work that will get them there. These women are doing well, and are ready and looking to do even better! They love like-minded, like-energy tribes and seek other powerful women out. If this sounds like you...wonderful! Take a tour and then let’s set a time to chat.

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The heART of Visibility Map

In this VIP experience, you will create your own personal Visibility Map that will allow you to know exactly what actions to take to increase your influence and fulfillment. You will have a map that allows you to see what you have been missing and walk away with the Action Steps to implement it….on your terms, in your own way.

Embodied Visibility 3 Day Retreat

This is your embodiment and integration experience, so you can make sustainable everything you know and have learned. This retreat will shift your energy and help you release stuck patterns and old wounding so you can embody your core worth. You will move forward fully aligned and powerful, ready to create all that you desire and reach - and sustain - your next level.

Be365 Mastery Community

An ongoing training that is based in support and community and brings Neuroscience and Shamanism into the concept of Manifestation! This Be365 body of work will awaken what YOU know is true. We are, by nature, interwoven with our world and a part of the collective. And this connection - this relationship - is where our power to manifest resides.

Biz & Brand Realignment

A VIP experience for Influencers who have outgrown their business model or brand. Create an aligned business and brand that supports who you are today and where you are heading - one that creates more freedom and increases abundance and fulfillment on all levels. Step into what is possible for you in this next level of Visibility. 

The heART of Visibility Process Map VIP Day Intensive

Create your own personal Visibility Map that will allow you to know exactly what actions to take to increase your Influence and Fulfillment.

The heART of Visibility Process Map VIP Day Intensive is designed to give you:

  • Greater Influence through inner and outer alignment with how you show up, so you can own your uniqueness and increase confidence when putting yourself out there
  • Unique Strategy for what and how you share via social media, blogs, websites, videos, and public speaking - with freedom from the pressure to “get things right” so you can have more joy and fulfillment when doing it
  • Clarity around your Big Vision and Real Purpose so you can take inspired action, which will increase overall wealth of money, time, and inner peace
  • A litmus test to use when new opportunities come your way, as well as the know-how to create more ease by following Inspired Action instead of your "shoulds" and "to-dos"

So your ideal clients will:

  • Hire you - and make the buying decision quickly -because they SEE what you’re all about, TRUST YOU, and RELATE to you
  • Believe in your vision and be invested in making it happen right along with you while being inspired and ultimately empowered themselves
  • Rave about and refer others to you because you’re powerful, inspiring, and boldly authentic


This map creation and implementation plan VIP day is a deep-dive with me and 3 others (in- person and virtual).

Connect with me NOW to learn more and see it this is a fit!



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Embodied Visibility 3 Day Retreat

Your embodiment and integration experience for the sustainability of knowledge.

The Embodied Visibility 3-day Retreat is designed to offer you:

  • A reactivation of your essence and integration of your truest self so you can step fully into being more Visible
  • Support and more support from the unseen, our tribe, and me, plus increased and expanded connection to your Guides and Angels
  • Practice being witnessed to build that Authentic Visibility muscle while shifting out of your “hiding out” pattern and stopping the cycles that keep you in fear

Who this Retreat is Designed for:

Every WOMAN who is ready to be seen and heard in business, as a leader, in her marriage, in dating, and with family and friends! This experiential retreat is designed for SHIFTING the energy and re-claiming lost parts of yourself that have fallen away over time. This is for women who have their shit (mostly) together and who want to make their life and business even better. This is for women who want to shine brighter for all to see while holding beautiful boundaries.

This is NOT for women who believe they are broken and are looking to get fixed. This is not for women who go to every single event and never seem to make change once back out in the real world. This is not for women who are unwilling to be honest, vulnerable, and courageous.

This retreat is where the rubber meets the road. Whether you have your Visibility Process Map or not, the deep energetic work still needs to be done. This retreat can be done before or after you have created your map. These two offerings are designed to work together. Authentic Visibility is a two-part job. The internal and external components work in harmony!

End Goal: To see and feel your true and whole self so others can see it too, allowing you to take your life to the next level with ease.

Deep within, you know this to be true: "To have what you've never had, you must do what you've never done." This is all about stepping into a new operating system, learning new ways to go about your life and business, and becoming a vibrational match for the level of success you’re striving for.


This Embodied Visibility 3 Day Retreat is held ONLY 2 times a year, and for only 12 women.

Your next step is to connect with me to see it this is a fit!


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Be365 Mastery Membership Program

Bringing neuroscience into the concept of Manifestation so you can BEcome the person your Life and Business is calling you to BE - all within a rockstar community of support.

The Be365 Mastery Program is ALL about actively aligning with the person your Life and Business is calling you to BE, and mastering Manifestation, through co-creation with universal energies.

People spend most of their time and energy on trying to control the outcome or results. Whether that is a relationship, a business, or their bank account. The problem resides in putting our attention on the "thing," instead of on what CREATES that thing.

Anything is truly possible when we place our attention on the ONLY thing we can control: our own energy and how we show up! Become a vibrational match for what you want, by doing the personal development work!

Imagine what could change (in life and in business) if you got to be IN community and consciously co-create what you desire? (Think BIG, because it CAN happen!)

The Be365 Training Program covers the 12 core energetic relationships that allow you to master Manifestation and increase your Visibility through the Art of Co-Creation.

Deep within, you know this to be true: "To have what you've never had, you must do what you've never done." This is all about stepping into a new operating system, learning new ways to go about your life and business, and becoming a vibrational match for the level of success you’re striving for.

This is program is open to: Influencers, Leaders and Business Women interested in spiritual development and personal growth. This is for women who want to increase their abundance limit and overall Visibility and learn how to master manifestation.

The time is right if you:

  • want to get to the "next level of success" without pushing and working harder
  • want to work with your brain and the neuropathways that create sustainable change
  • want to be in a community of like-minded women who are there to support each other
  • want to be guided, called out when you’re hiding, and coached - but not told what to do


Your next step is to schedule a call with me to see if this is for you!


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Business & Brand Re-Alignment Process

For the woman who wants to influence people, from a place of true authenticity, grace, and badass power.

This program is for people who have outgrown their business model or who were never fully aligned with it in the first place. It was designed for women who want to look at the overall structure and sustainability of their business based on what they WANT and not what someone told them to do. There are so many possibilities other than following a one-size-fits-all formula. During this VIP experience we will co-create what is best for YOU.

Most people know they have outgrown their brand but often don’t realize they have also outgrown their business model. The programs you offer, how you offer them, and the attraction of ideal clients usually needs re-vamping as well. This is your opportunity to work with me personally. By focusing on strategy, divine guidance, and total alignment, you will walk away feeling inspired, ready, and clear.

We will re-vamp and cover things such as:

    • Creating effective marketing by understanding your clients' wants, desires, and needs
    • Saving time and energy by understanding your authentic “funnel” process
    • Being strategic and in Divine Flow with your programs, offerings, and pricing
    • Industry trends and resources for website and business card layout and design
    • How to get people interested in what you do: 50 freebie/opt-in ideas
    • Creating your Signature System template that works
    • Crafting your story to create connection and credibility
    • The sales call template that allows you to "never sell again."
    • Guided visualizations around Visibility
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