I have always loved learning about what makes people tick and diving into personal stuff. I also LOVE teaching people the process…so they can eventually do it for themselves. Even in my first entrepreneurial career as an Interior Designer in 2002, I would always walk my clients through what I was doing so they could understand what it takes to create authentically expressed and supportive spaces. This is where I knew I was a teacher and coach at heart.

I am a highly intuitive and empathetic person who is fascinated by BIG concepts, energy, how it “really” works, and the inner workings of the “Being.”

Top all that off with my #1 core value of Authentic Expression….and BAM. You have me, teaching this body of work that helps others be Visible with their authentic expression, and being highly successful at it, because it is what I am BEST at! It is my natural gift (we all have them).

So it was easy to evolve and align each version of my business with what I am all about….doing more and more of the "authenticity-expressed work" through my well-stocked tool kit (the style consultation, branding expertise, big-picture business strategy, spiritual connection with Guides, intuition, coaching, and the entire Be363 Body of work. I have been able to support leaders, influencers, speakers, and businesswomen with a unique set of practices that help them align and achieve their Vision, embody and communicate their Value, and amplify and own their Visibility. After working with me, they are able to authentically communicate who they truly are, and have the lifestyle and positive impact they want.

One thing I know to be true is that all this “business growth work” is always about truly mastering your life so you can be seen and heard and amplify your influence with grace and ease. Being wildly successful in business is a byproduct.

It's an incredibly rewarding career and I feel blessed every day to be able to coach, mentor and teach others into living their desires and being fully visible.

But it wasn't always this easy!

When I left my corporate interior design job and started my own design company (not knowing ANYTHING about what it really took to create a thriving business), I thought,"I'm a great designer…so the clients will come." I repeated this theme with my women’s empowerment company I started called the EP Movement, with the Authentic Style consulting I did, and again when I became a Certified Life and Business Coach. And what happened was… I was working really hard changing people’s lives and making NO money. My passion started to feel like a never ending cycle of “hustle.” And I am not a fan of “hustle”!

So I took a very HONEST look at what I was doing in my life and my business and made the energetic and strategic shifts I needed….and I’m happy to report that I went from making $24,000 a year to a six-figure income in 18 months. And I have sustained that success with more ease and joy than ever before. I feel like I know what both sides of this solo-preneurial coin are, as I have lived them.

I've made all - or at least most - of the mistakes solopreneurs make. And I've learned the keys to creating a successful business that doesn’t consume you and your life. It took me a long time and a lot of money to figure all this stuff out, and I am passionate about helping others save time, energy and money by knowing (intuitively and strategically) exactly what to focus on when within your business and within your personal life.

As my business and spiritual connection have grown over these years, I am now more committed than ever before in helping businesswomen fully step into their brilliance and work from a place driven by Intuition, Inspired Action and Co-creation with the energies all around us.

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Incase you want more info...some key things I BELIEVE: (just a few)

  • in focusing on getting it REAL over trying to get it right.
  • that our purpose is to awaken the Truth of who we really are and BE that in all areas of our life.
  • that following inspired action in life and business ALWAYS pays off.
  • we don't create our reality; we co-create it with the energies that are all around us.
  • in getting people off the fence about you - either they dig who you are and what you do or they don't.
  • that everyone wants to be seen, heard and valued for who they truly are...and BE their true selves in all areas. #Be365
  • in honoring Flow over Hustle and mapping out aligned business models over cookie-cutter strategies.
  • in being transparent, as that is what we are all wanting from each other.

I've lived in Ft Collins, CO since 1992. Getting up into the mountains, camping and SUPing with my husband and dogs, riding bikes down to Old Town, and enjoying great restaurants brings me joy. I love being outdoors, hanging out with my amazing friends (I surround myself with the most brilliant, authentic, and fun women) and involved with my two passions (women empowerment and animals), and you will often find me at the WomenGive functions and Animal Rescue events.

I am a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Certified Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, and was the iPEC (ICF coaching school) Denver Lead Trainer for 5 years, Sales Team Manager and award winning Interior Designer for a National Design Company. 

I am complex, I am all things, I am ME


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