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Mastering the heArt of Visibility: with confidence, grace and ease

Co-Creation Mastery: unlock your hidden power to manifest 10x what you do now.

 Learn 4 crucial and surprising components needed to Up- Level your Authentic Visibility and to stop hiding and start influencing your ideal clients, your team and/or your audience…all from a place of total integrity, alignment and grace.

Using the quantum field and fundamentals of Shamanism to up-level your life and business. The Be365 Body of Work is all about Co-Creation with the 12 different energies and harness the true power of manifestation. 

As a person who has put on MANY large and small events myself, I know how crucial it is to have the other speakers involved be in alignment with who you are, your messaging and your mission! So if you’re looking for that right fit, please take a look around my site and let me know if you want to have a chat!

I didn’t know I was a powerful speaker until my first time onstage, where I spoke to 50 women. The truth was, I was so nervous I started to hyperventilate! But I instinctively knew what to do in that moment to get myself back in my body and be present. And 3 seconds later….my life changed when I realized I was IN my zone of geniuses. (Speakers KNOW what I mean by this!) There is something that clicks, and I felt more ME, more alive and more on purpose than EVER before. From that moment on, I was hooked!

That was a long time ago - back in 2008 - and since then, I have been on my own stages doing three-day trainings and various events. I've also been invited onto others' stages, from intimate talks with small groups to audiences of over 300. I have been an MC, the keynote and a breakout session speaker. The list is long, and if you resonate with my energy, my mission, and my topics, then I would LOVE to have a chat about what kind of magic we could create!

Email me and we will set a time to chat. [email protected]

What participants have to say about Michelle!

"Michelle, Your energy and mojo are uplifting and inspiring. Even before you ever spoke your first word I could feel your radiance and knew that you would be sharing more than just a story and action tools. It is people like you who raise the bar for me and for everyone else in our lives- and in an attainable and crystal clear way. If you could bottle some of your mojo and sell it…it would go for millions per ounce."

Mark Schereman

"Michelle’s personal story of reclaiming her authenticity is a powerful model for anyone who is in search of her own authentic self. I was blown away by her ability to use her own journey to help others on theirs."

Marianne Ballantine

"Michelle is a wonderfully inspirational speaker. She is down to earth, funny, and so very wise!"

Leigh Ann Dillinger

"Michelle Vos is an amazing and powerful speaker. I heard her speak at a conference. After being so filled with information from previous speakers, I had been feeling overwhelmed and low energy. Her talk rocked! Michelle was enlivening, funny, and truly authentic. She spoke from her heart and has inspired me to find my true self, so I can get my message out. Thank you Michelle!!!"

Kerri J. Geary

"I’m very conscious about the speakers I share my stage with and having Michelle Vos be a keynote speaker was an excellent choice. She was engaged with the attendees throughout the event, which says a lot about her commitment to over-deliver value to an audience. She tailored her presentation to the people in the room and that attention to detail and care went a long way at the event. Her topic of embodiment and visibility made a huge impact with my audience; I loved how she gave them an engaging and interactive experience, not just a lecture-style presentation. The audience left empowered, engaged and transformed as Michelle brought about a topic that many people avoid and she made it approachable, funny, real and captivating, and all in her own authentic way. I’m already exploring how to have Michelle present at my next event."

Angella Johnson
Founder of IGNITE and Luminosity events for Soulpreneurs

SEE her in ACTION – WAY back in 2011!… watch this…

It's time to UP your Speaking Skills and Magnetic Presence

Embodiment Speaker Training Course

The Online Embodiment Speaker Training Course teaches you how to speak from any stage.

Your Training Course:

What It Covers: Embodiment techniques, templates, and concepts that allow you to be full YOU and make the impact and income you desire. You will learn how to deliver your message with power and ease, gain confidence in your ability, find your VOICE, and communicate with authentic connection…and much more.

Who It's For: People who are looking to grow their business and income through speaking. This could be at local networking groups or on large stages, whether yours or someone else's. This is about making an impact with your message. Most clients I work with feel they have a message to share but don’t know how to deliver it. Or they know how but don’t understand why people are not signing up with them after a great talk. If you have any interest in reaching more ideal clients through speaking, this class will teach all the basics you must know to make the impact you want. And if you know you are ready for the next step…then the LIVE Embodiment (Visibility) Retreat is your next step. 

8 Training calls covering:

  • Your Signature Speech Template that you can expand and contract based on time without ever losing the impact of it.
  • Hosting a 1-day workshop with a high conversion rate
  • Uncover the story you have inside of you that communicates the heart of what you want to share
  • Discover your Brand Clarity Point which will always communicate clarity to your audience about who you are and what you stand for
  • Funnel Process – knowing what and when to offer something is key
  • A Speaker 1 page and how to find gigs
  • Know how to have a powerful and authentic call-to-action that gets you clients
  • How to manage your energy when you get nervous
  • Shadow Work that relates to your speaking and discover the ways in which you unconsciously apologize for your power

The investment for the Online Embodiment Speaker Training Course is $697.

Become a Speaker yourself!


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