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I write this from a season of growth. Everything in my business is up-leveling right now in a massive way. This is due to focus - specifically, knowing what to focus on, and when.

Currently, my focus is on the foundation. The roots - the base for everything that is willing and wanting to grow, evolve, and expand. Without the continued awareness of and focus on our stability, we cannot reach the stars.

I often use the visualization of a tree to explore this concept with clients. Where are you in your business? Where should your focus be? Are you trying to grow leaves without first developing a strong root system?

Another important thing to be aware of is the energy of the season, and what this means for you. We’re not all the same. Yes, there is a cycle within our seasons that holds specific energy. But we exist in relationship to that cycle, not at the mercy of it. If you haven’t already, start paying attention to the energy of the seasons and the effect they have on you, your focus, and your productivity.

This will look different for everyone. Personally, my roots grow and expand in the fall and winter months. Spring is when the fruits of that expansion are made visible above ground. And in the summertime, I’m more focused on engaging with clients directly, rather than doing the foundational work on my business. I feel aligned to the energy each season holds, and I’ve learned how to make it work for me.

Again, different people will experience different things. I know people who are highly visible in the fall and winter months, launching websites and major marketing campaigns. For these people, their internal creation time is often spring and summer. Finding this natural rhythm can help us adjust for our strengths and weaknesses as they fluctuate throughout the year.

So what is it for you? What natural, cyclical patterns have shown up for you? And how are you honoring and aligning with that?

What I know for sure is that this time of year, my foundation is growing wider, stronger, and deeper. It has become more stable, more grounded, in order to hold and support the expansion that is made visible to others. We can’t see the roots, but they hold the tree steady all the same. Without them, the entire structure would fall. Don't ever question the internal work, or look at it as wasted time - time that would be better spent marketing your products or services.

Movement beneath the surface will facilitate massive growth above ground for all to see, when the time is right. There is a season for everything.

Cheers to your season!



Visibility 2.0

I have spent years - most likely, lifetimes - denying the truth of who I really am. I know I am not alone in this.

The irony is that every job I’ve ever had has aimed to help others awaken to the truth of who they are, then express that truth out into the world - not with aggression or force, but through pure embodiment. So it makes sense, that I am in the current line of work that I am, as  I recognize that the greatest gifts we have to give to others often grow from our deepest wounds. In this way, being fully visible is the challenge I must overcome for myself.

I’ve spent years working with clients on the embodiment of their truth, allowing their core strengths and innate values to come to the surface. When this happens, they can align with their soul’s mission and express that mission through their divine business, from a place of inherent abundance. I’ve always helped people embody their authentic vision and communicate their value to the world.

Now, I have reached my next level of personal growth. As much as I have been completely aligned to my soul’s vision, and completely embodied in my core value, I still have yet to be 100% visible with all of who I am.

Growth curves are a bitch, aren’t they? Through all my personal development work, it is crystal clear to me what I am. I have a gift that is not of me. I’ve always had this access, and yet I have denied it in certain areas of my life. My clients know this about me, but I have yet to fully present this side of myself - the side within - on my website and other forms of “visibility”.

Being fully visible to the general public is my next frontier. So as I embrace this new up-level for myself, if what I have said resonates, I invite you to reach out and connect to me and my community who are continuing to increase our authentic voice out into the world.


Cheers to next level shit,



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