{Morning Muse} Energetic Weight Release

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2019

I have begun to turn my spiritual practice (which is my morning journaling time, connection to guides and readings) into an opportunity to share information that comes through. I am calling it my Morning Muse. I hope you receive as much value in this information as I do.




“This is the beginning of a long journey.

This is something that cannot be achieved in a single sitting. It is a weight release of sorts, and it requires an ongoing series of actions that create richly layered opportunities for the growth and emergence of your true self.

Your true self is full of brilliance, brightness, boldness, bigness. This is the fire inside you. It’s the most real version of you - but because real also means vulnerable, you’ve built a shell around your fire, containing it. You have been told that it is not safe, that you are too much, and that your fire makes others uncomfortable. You’ve been shamed for your brilliance, brightness, boldness, bigness. You’ve been taught to fear it. So you dim your flame. You hide. You bury the parts and pieces of your freedom, your sexuality, your passions, and your desires, in order to keep them safe and secure and under wraps, barely smoldering.

Until one day...something happens.

Things have been boiling up. Issues are coming to a head. You look around at your passionless, dull, mundane life, and suddenly, you know. You cry, and you get mad, and you feel the anxiety that comes with knowing you must trust your inner wisdom. You know that you must unbury and uncover those parts of you that are made of fire. And you’re afraid, because fire is destructive. Fire can kill. Fire can burn down all that you know, all the constraints of safety you have built so perfectly and clung to so fiercely.

Yet you know, from an ancient place deep within, that you must become a fire walker, a fire dancer. You must become Phoenix Rising if you are to live free, without the chains that hold you in place, weigh you down, and flatten your life into something passionless but safe. You must let the flame burn bright, and this frightens you…

Until you remember the power of water. You remember how you flow with grace and ease, and how, in doing this, you can become aligned and in balance with fire. Water will make your fire safe. It will temper the flame, keeping it just hot enough to ignite passion, joy, and creativity, inviting them into your life once more.

This is energetic weight release: the seeking of balance between fire and water, passion and grace, expansion and containment. In order to become the woman your life and business needs you to be, you must release this energetic weight. You must burn down what NO Longer serves you. You must use Fire once again to fully expresses all of who you are. AND...You must find the balance of fire and water, if you are to create a beautiful container of life force energy. Of true vitality.

It won’t be easy. You’ll probably get burned a bit, and others may as well. But the wounds will fade, and a newer, truer version of yourself will be revealed: one without the weight of expectations or the burden of staying hidden, and playing small.

As Phoenix rises from the ashes, a new dawn is here. A new you is revealed.”



If you are like me and my clients, you are smack dab in the middle of an Up-Level! This reading came through me, for me and for YOU.

I invite you to reach out if you want support through this “energetic weight release” and to step fully into your Visibility by embracing the fire and water within (Passion with Grace). Just hit reply, and let’s set a time to talk!


Looking forward to a Brighter 2019!



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