Inspired action or shiny object?

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2019

Let's talk inspired action, shall we?

I have been wanting and intending to apply to be a TEDx speaker for much longer than I'd like to admit. I’ve never felt quite prepared.

Toward the end of December, I saw a Facebook ad saying that TEDx was accepting applications, and my brain registered that the talk would be on February 9th. My immediate response was, I won't be ready by then, that's way too soon. The application was to be sent by January 3rd. So once again, I let another season go without applying.

Recently on a call, one of my Mastermind peers shared that she had put in her application to speak, and I felt nothing but excitement for her. I was surprised to find I felt no judgment toward myself for all the many months and years of procrastination.

After the call, I hopped on Facebook and saw the same ad for application submission - apparently, the deadline had been extended to the 25th. I proceeded to read further and recognized that the February 9th event was for in-person auditions if your topic was selected. Round 2, per se. And in a flash moment of inspired action, I chose to simply go for it. I submitted two applications for two different topics that I feel the world would benefit from hearing.

My next step after submission was to clear my calendar for February 9th. Yes, strong intention - and one could say overconfidence that I will be selected. That simply wasn’t the energy, though. I'm just creating space for the opportunity. I'm not attached to the outcome. Either way. Inspired action is just that: it's inspired.

And it feels great!

Now...let’s talk about how you know the difference between inspired action and “shiny object syndrome.”

I am a Creator, and I understand dealing with the constant pull toward new ideas and possibilities. It is one of my greatest gifts and also one of my greatest challenges. It's hard for me to stay in my lane when I'm interested in so many things. So how do you tell the difference between inspired action and shiny object syndrome?

The answer lies in personal awareness, and it can be slightly different for each person. But in general, inspired action is in alignment with you and your work. It is the action that is truly leading you in the direction of the future you want to create. Shiny objects are things that distract you and pull you away from Center.

I know my TEDx application is rooted in inspired action, rather than distraction, because I feel the most alive and centered when I am on stage. I know that my message and way of being is relatable to many people. I am committed to speaking, in some form or fashion, as a platform for my visibility. I recognize that the only reason I have not applied until now is because of my ego’s fear.

But my inspired action was based in my spirit - not my ego. And I chose to listen!

So what has my ego been so afraid of?

1-It’s been afraid that I will be the next Brene Brown and my life will change dramatically

2- I will fumble and fall over my words and ruin my credibility as a speaker.

3-I will do the talk, it will be good and people will like it. I will be able to post it on my website for credibility.

4-I won't get the gig but will know more about what they are looking for, and apply again.

Which outcome is more likely? 3 or 4! So Yeah, you get what I’m tossing. Nothing to lose when you FOLLOW Aligned Inspired Action!

We don't go after things because we make them too big! Our ego makes them too BIG, too daunting to handle. Inspired action, however, is not concerned with ego. The outcome will be the outcome. “It’s all good, mannn.”  (That was my best The Dude impersonation.)

So, be mindful of inspired action and allow Spirit’s support in your life. You will thank me later.


That is all for now…



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