Sedona, Arizona is considered one of the Sacred Sites in the United States. Its Native American roots and energy vortexes co-create one of the most magical and powerful places I have ever experienced. Nature reminds us how interconnected we are with all things. When we embody this knowledge, our manifestation abilities increase significantly. Taking a break from our usual daily routines and immersing ourselves in nature can help us absorb its beauty and grandeur, and connect with other like-minded women to share and appreciate its wonders. 


Freeform movement is a powerful way to experience embodiment. Too often, we live solely in our minds, disconnected from the wisdom, intuition, and emotional intelligence our bodies hold. But by learning from the teachings, exercises, and guidance provided during this Retreat, you can develop the tools to center yourself, increase your intuition, and unlock deep joy. And the best part? It's all done through fun and playful experiences. You will be in a safe container that removes inhibitions and restrictive energies. This practice will change your life!


As successful women, we often ignore the transformative healing power of creative play. It creates a space for our inner child to be honored and to come out and play. Creativity is the voice of our soul and spirit, and when we allow ourselves to be creative, we set aside the rational and logical mind, and listen to what our intuition and hearts want us to know. Letting something show up instead of figuring it out can open the gates to insights and wisdom that may have been dormant. And it's just plain fun! And come on, who doesn't need more fun in their lives these days?


Most of us are aware of how important self-care practices are for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. However, with our busy lifestyles, we often find it challenging to make time for these practices. As we encounter new challenges such as Elder-Care, and face job or market changes, it becomes even more crucial to prioritize self-care. Rather than focusing on doing more, it's about receiving more. By opening ourselves up to receiving support and energetic clearings and allowing ourselves to be nurtured, we can sustain our vitality. This retreat is designed to you leave feeling rejuvenated.

We need to we can reconnect


Retreats offer a way to unplug from the daily stresses of modern life and business. A change in schedule and scenery can help us disconnect from the mental and emotional load we carry. It's essential to let go of patterns and systems that no longer serve us. By consciously stepping away, we can move closer to what matters most and lead a fulfilling life. Sedona, AZ, is a place of wonder and magic. With its Native American roots and energy vortexes, it inspires us to connect with all things. Nature reminds us of our connection to the universe, and when we embody this connection, we can manifest our desires with ease and grace. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and share it with like-minded women who are on the same journey. Let us join together and manifest our dreams with the magic that nature provides.


The Details:

ALL-INCLUSIVE Retreat in Sedona, AZ:

Upcoming Dates:

May 12th-16th 2024 ( SOLD OUT) 

September 8th-12th 2024 **** Doors will open for enrollment April 10th  

The retreat is scheduled to begin at 5 pm on Day 1 and end at 9 am on Day 4. It has a limited capacity of six women and will be held at an AirBnB location in Sedona, AZ. The exact location will be provided upon enrollment.

The retreat will cover meals, drinks, accommodations, facilitation, excursions, coaching, and energy work such as Reiki sessions. All of which fully support getting out of your head and into your body while increasing your connection to the Spirit world and your intuition. 

***Travel to and from Sedona, AZ is not included in the package.

As there is a limited capacity of only 6 women, it is crucial to ensure that the retreat is attended by women who are divinely connected. To achieve this, I will have a conversation with anyone who is interested. This is not a "sales conversation", but rather an opportunity to determine if the retreat is a good fit for you, at this time. 

If you are interested in this Sedona Retreat or future ones, please send me an email. I curate all the activities and teachings based on the attendees. That is why my retreats are so transformative and powerful.


So we can set a time to chat about this.

[email protected] 


A bit about my Facilitation style...

I trust, guide, and hold strong, safe, and nurturing containers for your experience. I believe our time together is sacred, and I honor the investment you've made both financially and with your time. With over 35 3-day intensives, small retreats, and extensive trainings under my belt, I know my zone of genius and where I can provide the most value. I am passionate about creating small, intimate retreats that focus on embodiment.


My Official Bio:

Michelle combines deep inner work, energetic principles, and business strategy to awaken the truth of who you are so you can have the positive influence you want. She helps entrepreneurial leaders align and achieve their vision, embody and communicate their value, and embrace and amplify their visibility so they can attract income and next-level success without burnout or overwhelm. Her clients learn to operate from their brilliance, own their worth, show up, and communicate the truth of who they are so they can make the money and positive impact they want. Michelle provides business and visibility strategy with spiritual, energetic principles for a robust, sustainable, effective, and unique process!


Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Certified Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, and the iPEC (ICF coaching school) Denver Lead Trainer for 5 years. 

Street Credibility (time on task- and the more important information):

20 plus years of running a personal development business, that combines strategic and Spiritual foundations. Leading over 35 3-day events and retreats where I provide the very best of everything I have learned over the 55 years on this planet and the 20 years in this industry. 

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