Business Coaching Oracle Cards for the spiritually-minded Entrepreneur 

With over 20+ years of Entrepreneurship and over 10+ years of coaching women like you, I created the Business Coaching Oracle Cards to accelerate your clarity, self-trust, business success, and overall fulfillment! And to embrace your inner *s.a.a.s.i.e* Soul Aligned And Spirit Inspired Entrepreneur! Your Business Coaching Oracle Cards were curated to address issues as they occur. This Deck is a powerful tool in supporting you with your mission-driven business, achieving your goals, and increasing connection to source. Plus, you will love using this Deck from the convenience of your phone!

Co-Create with Powerful Energies

So you can understand and use these energies to manifest and increase success on all levels!

Navigate your Unseen Barriers 

So you can shorten the time between problem and solution, moving your mission forward faster!

Illuminate Facets of real Visibility 

So you can increase credibility, attract clients, be a transformational  leader, and be seen!

Radiate your Empowered States

So you can shift your energy in real-time and show up in the best way possible for what's needed!

How to use the BCOC deck and this online version. (watch video)

Like the Card Deck themselves, you will see this Business Coaching Oracle Card (BCOC) Guidebook organized into 4 main sections. Each video will give the KEY overview for each section, details about it, how to use it, and what for.
I recommend that you go thru each section and watch the video. This will give you the context for your returning visit. When you are using your Card Deck and pull a card that you want more context for each section's overall meaning and intention, return to this Guidebook. Simple as that!

I curated this BCOC Guidebook to access the deeper meanings of each section and ALL the cards from your phone or device. As an on-the-go, Business Owner myself, I get that we may not always have the Deck on hand. But now, you can access powerful insights as needed.

WATCH the Videos below to dive deeper into each category.



Understand the 13 Core Energetic Relationships 

We do not create our life; we Co-Create it. Everything is connected at some level, and when we recognize and harness this truth, we tap into true manifestation power. I will dive into this concept, how this information came to be, and how to use these in your readings. (Cards 1-13)


Know the 9 main Blocks that will sabotage your intentions 

As business owners with big ideas and goals, we will always come up against areas of "improvement" and subconscious barriers that are holding us back. These 9 are the main issues I have seen block people from the success they desire. Being able to see your blind spots will support you in moving your mission forward. (Cards 14-22)


Discover the 8 critical facets of Authentic Visibility 

Most of us believe we are being "authentic." Yet once they look at all the areas and factors that go into how we show up, they recognize the mask-wearing that takes place. This is not about "how" to be; it's about the areas we want to address to gain clarity, so we can show up fully expressed to attract what we want. (Cards 23-30)


Learn about the 18 high vibrational states of BEing

Energy is everything. You can strategies all day long, but if your energy isn't supportive or aligned, it's painful, exhausting, and often triggers overwhelm. Tapping into internal states of energy will make all you do more fun, more manageable, and allow you to radiate your most authentic self. (Cards 31-48)

Choosing your Card

Center yourself with 3 deep, calming breaths...

Hold an intention in mind...

Ask your question...

Soften your gaze...

Then scroll down and up...

Until you feel like you have "landed" on the message you need to hear most.

I have come to learn a thing or two by being an entrepreneur for 20 years, immersed in the spiritual, coaching, professional speaking, business development, and Branding world. I have learned what works best for clients.

Your Business Coaching Oracle Cards (BCOC) is a powerful tool to support you in trusting your intuition and gaining "in the moment" clarity.

Yet, there is another step. It is about the integration process!

Imagine what could change (in life and in business) if you got to be IN community and consciously activate and co-create what you desire? (Think big, because it can happen!)

It is time to Integrate (Embody) your innate wisdom!

This is for you if:

  • You want to use more of your Intuition and spiritual guidance within your business and personal Life
  • You feel overworked and out of balance and fear burning out in your current role or way of being
  • You need help steering your business/career in a new, more aligned direction without screwing up the success you've created
  • You are ready to awaken and re-claim your Innate power, freedom and ease
  • You are willing to tap into abundance for full authentic expression, client attraction, and increased confidence
  • You have money issues or patterns that no longer serve you
  • You play small and hide out, nervous or afraid to be fully seen and stand your ground
  • You feel like there is never enough time in the day and are depleted at the end of it
  • You have the habit of putting yourself (your Body) before others demands or expectations


What I know to be true....People spend most of their time and energy on trying to control the outcome or results. Whether that is a relationship, a business, or their bank account. The problem resides in putting our attention on the "thing," instead of on what CREATES that thing. Anything is truly possible when we place our attention on the ONLY THING we CAN CONTROL: our own energy and how we show up IN our Bodies. Become a vibrational match for what you want, by doing the personal development work! You know that "To have what you've never had, you must do what you've never done." This is all about stepping into a new operating system, that ATTRACTS your desires and opens your up to Divine Connections.


This is Embodiment Retreat is for: Professional Women interested in achieving their vision, increase spiritual connection, body connection and personal development. So they can create sustainable happiness, deep fulfillment and authentic freedom.

The time is right, if you want to:

  • get to the "next level of success" without pushing and working harder
  • work with your brain and the neuropathways that create sustainable change
  • be in a community of like-minded women who are there to support each other
  • be guided, supported, called out when you’re hiding, held accountable and coached.
  • have a Spirit Driven Life, Career, Business and Relationships.
  • create a healthy relationship with your body so you can hear it speaking to you


The most significant power is combining the mystic & logistic, mindset & strategy, ego & spirit, left brain & right brain. This is my zone of brilliance. I'd love to support you!

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