Welcome to the Saasie Community

(SAASIE = Soul Aligned And Spirit Inspired Entrepreneurs)

Do you want to come play, dive deep, be real, laugh, cry, celebrate, learn cool shit, be strategic, get sassy, have breakthroughs, create, see your blind spots, move your mission forward, take inspired action, connect to Source, and to not be alone in navigating this crazy thing called Life and Business?

Yes? Then you are in the right place! Welcome!

*NOTE* Sassy is defined as...Lively, Bold, and full of Spirit! So as I connected to what this group is all about - becoming Soul Aligned and Spirit Inspired. Sassy added the energy (like the icing on the cake of transformation)

Unwavering Clarity

Increase your Self Worth and Confidence.  Get Clear on what is yours to do and what's your next "thing" so you can no longer doubt the "hits" you get.

Expressed Wisdom

Show UP & tap into innovation, connection to Guides, and Abundance to live more embodied (connected to Self).
Release doubt, fear or worry.

Increased Vitality

Learn to manage your energy & how to stay aligned with what matters, so you can take action from a calm & centered state during "these times" of uncertainty.

Embodied Power

Unleash your true power and increase your Intuition along with your ability to trust it. 
Take inspired action and make the impact you deeply want to make.

Having a Community is important!


Many women are contemplating what’s next and what really matters.  Often it's even a combination between being grateful for what you have while recognizing there is more to DO and more to BE.

So how do we Navigate it all?

We do so by tapping into our greatest truth, trust it, be strategic, and move forward with clean and clear energy!

Now, more than ever, we're being called to step up, speak up, and rise up...We are called to Get SAASIE (Soul Aligned and Spirit Inspired)

I created the SAASIE Community to support you Mentally, Emotionally and Energetically in your Life and Business!  Because it is time to Vibe Up so we all can Rise Up! 

This is for you if you are...

  •   A professional woman with personal or professional GOALS (broad or specific, big or small) and who wants to achieve these goals from a place of Source and not from Force.

(i.e. GOAL could be getting clear, strengthening your Intuition, stepping out into greater visibility, taking your business to the next level)

  •  In a growth phase in your business or career and want support in navigating this.
  •  Ready to breakthrough old patterns holding you back in subtle and not so subtle ways.
  •  Ready to DO things Differently!

Issues the SAASIE membership addresses...

At the core, this group is to support you in increasing your inner wisdom and your trust of that wisdom.

Clarity is Queen.
Perhaps you'd like to get clear on the next aligned step, desire, or vision.

To develop yourself in areas of clarity, self-sabotage and old patterns that no longer serve you, that need to be released.

We'll talk quite a bit about the push/pull of wanting to be more visible, of creating greater influence and positioning yourself as a sought-after leader. 

Then, it's all about action without burnout or fear.  Be in alignment with the truest parts of yourself!

Bring ALL of you to this group.  All parts welcome.

Results. Results. Results.

  • Enjoy the journey as you reach your goals.
  • Unleash your true power while increasing your Intuition.
  • Become an "attracter" of what you truly want to get to the next level of success.
  • Master managing your “energy” as you navigate chaotic times. 
  • Have tools for decision making, increasing vitality, and taking action.
  • Stop the “mental spin cycle” and come back to center fast.
  • Increase your Self Worth, Confidence and Clarity.
  • Tap into innovation, connection to your Guides, and abundance.
  • Live more embodied (connected to Self) and release doubt, fear or worry.

Become the person your Life and Business is calling you to BE.

Will you trust your inner promptings? 

If you are ready to Live a Soul Aligned and Spirit Inspired Life? Step into greater fulfillment on all levels? YES? Then you are in the right place.

Join us to recive personal and professional support!

  • This is a Month to Month term commitment, as I trust you know what is best for you!
  • You get a crazy ton of Value for the investment!
  • You have the knowing that the time to BEcome the woman your Life and Business is calling you to BE, is NOW.


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A bit about me...

I’m Michelle Vos and am known as the “Visibility Shaman” who combines Deep Inner Work, Humor, a lot of Sass, Energetic Principles and Business Strategy to awaken the truth of who you are, so you can have the Positive Influence you want. My clients learn to operate from their brilliance, own their worth, show up and communicate the truth of who they are, so they can make the money and positive impact they want. I provide Business and Visibility Strategy with spiritual energetic principles for a process that is powerful, sustainable, effective, and unique!

I am the creator of transformational content, a Professional Certified Business and Life Coach with thousands of hours of experience, an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Trainer, and Professional Speaker. I have been an Entrepreneurial women for 18 years and I run profitable business on my own terms.


What Michelle's clients are saying...

"I am so confident"

I started shedding my self-doubt, as soon as our work together began. Going through all of your step by step in the moment guidance has given me a freedom that I could have never gotten anywhere else. You are such a gift to me, that I have been able to grow this much in such a short amount of time. I now trust that the universe, money, and space support me and help me thrive. Now I am so confident in all of this that there isn't any setback that could convince me otherwise. I now trust that all of this is setting me up to be a better version of myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always showing up and giving us this gift of space to lean into ourselves more and more every day!

"I made some serious Shifts."

I was able to invite in systems/techniques that supported my ability to move pending tasks to completion. This also helped me to be clear about opportunities that deserved my time and those that didn't. One of the biggest insights I had was how I was making myself a slave time, instead of realizing how time is here to support ME and all I desire to accomplish in the world. There really is no shortage of time. 

"I am empowered and in alignment!"

Michelle, you have opened my eyes to so much and you have helped me to settle inside of myself in ways I'd only dreamed of...seriously! Thank you for inviting me to stand firm in who I am as a person and as a business woman! I am empowered and in alignment! I feel so excited about doing (and being in) my business, along with the new level of success and abundance that has been created because of your program.

"I am connected"

My relationship with the Universe has been profound. It's helped me to feel and be grounded when I feel that I am getting off track or when I am feeling almost untethered. It gives me such a wonderful sense of calm and peace - and is always there when I remember to be present I feel it and I am connected. What's been transformational is learning how to connect with this relationship at a moment’s notice. I've learned how to shorten the time between feeling disconnected and reconnected to the universe - which allows the days (and nights!) to unfold with a gentle flow, even when I am “busy”. It's truly a place of calm, ease, strength and joy - all at once.

"I am living MY Truth"

I was able to find my OWN personal connection and the support that was always there, now surrounds me daily! Understanding that my relationship to Spirit, just like everything else in life, can be and is unique to me, has impacted me beyond words. The level of trust and acceptance are two of the most significant impacts in my life and working thru this body of work, has resulted in me stepping out of ALL of my 'boxes' and living MY Truth.

What are you waiting for?

Recive the Emotional, Strategic, Energetic, and Spiritual Support you need right now. HOW YOU SHOW UP and Manage your life, business, relationships, matters more than ever. Let me support you on this important journey.

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