Embodiment Speaker Training

$697.00 USD

8 Training calls covering:

  • Your Signature Speech Template that you can expand and contract based on time without ever losing the impact of it.
  • Hosting a 1-day workshop with a high conversion rate
  • Uncover the story you have inside of you that communicates the heart of what you want to share
  • Discover your Brand Clarity Point which will always communicate clarity to your audience about who you are and what you stand for
  • Funnel Process – knowing what and when to offer something is key
  • A Speaker 1 page and how to find gigs
  • Know how to have a powerful and authentic call-to-action that gets you clients
  • How to manage your energy when you get nervous
  • Shadow Work that relates to your speaking and discover the ways in which you unconsciously apologize for your power

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