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The Brand Embodiment and Authentic Visibility Map Creation Course

I have been teaching this work (everything that is IN this course) for many years and what I know for sure is that our Brand is only powerful when we internalize it and then make it Visible. And in order to begin to do that, we must first remember what matters most, get crazy clear, and own our power as a leader. This course can do that for you.

In this training I will walk you thru the 8 crucial and surprising components needed to Up- Level your Authentic Visibility and Brand, in order to stop hiding and start Influencing your Ideal Clients, your Team and/or your Audience...all from a place of Total Integrity, Alignment and Grace. 

 By the end of the course:

  •  You will have a completed MAP that will be your “one stop reminder” place to always go to when dealing with any conflict, confusion, or self-doubt.
  •  You will be able to write powerful website copy and Social media posts that are aligned and compelling to your ideal clients.
  •  You will be able to lead your team and get them on board with where you want your company to go by communicating your powerful vision.
  •  You will have the clarity that often eludes you, because other things mask the truth of what is important to YOU.
  •  You will have a litmus test to use for all “opportunities” that come your way (because all that glitters is not gold)

PLUS overall you will leave with greater confidence in your ability to have the positive impact you want, permission to let your freak flag fly, and knowing what YOU need to do next. 

You WILL BE Taught, a unique Interactive Model to understand the complex inner workings of a powerful Influencer! You will be able to communicate  your value and create raving fans that will pay you with enthusiasm because your content and message creates powerful change. This is for Leaders, Influencers, Speakers, and Personality Brands (If you are the Face of your Business- HINT- YOU are a personality brand)

Thru this course, I will be coaching you thru these 8 Facets of Authentic Visibility:

  • Your Soul's Purpose -so you can always stay true to what matters most and what will bring you the greatest success.
  • Your Big Vision- so you can get and be clear, take action steps, know WHAT you’re working towards so the HOW can show up.
  • Your Willingness- so you can remove blocks and limitations that are holding you back from all that you want.
  • Your Vitality- so you can have and tap into the energetic and physical fuel you need to accomplish what you want to without fear of burn out.
  • Your Embodiment practices- so you can have and use the tools to stay grounded and secure in yourself and where your heading.
  • Your Vigor- so you can stand your ground, hold healthy boundaries, and not have to push to get your message across to ideal clients, your team or boss.
  • Your Alignment practices- so you can know exactly the actions to take to stay in your Lane, your zone of geniuses, and when processing opportunities, know what is for you and what is not for you.
  • Your Value- so you can feel how worthy you ARE, tap into a greater abundance limit, and get clear on what true core values are being activated.

I have been doing this work with clients one on one, in small group and I wanted to open this up to make it more affordable without losing any of the power in the process. What I walk you thru is exactly the same thing I walk my One on One clients through who have invested $1200 for this content! By doing this online, YOU get this course for only $87.